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Still Friends Only...and coming back! [06 May 2014|01:52am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So many years have passed. Almost ten, actually, since that first "friends only" post. So much has happened in the last decade...and even in just the last two years. I bought a paper journal semi-recently, after several years of not recording things in my life. Since I am concerned for privacy, it is remaining Friends Only. Comments will probably be screened--or if a conversation is going on, they may be screened when it finishes.

As a note, I have removed deleted/purged accounts and some people who seem to have abandoned their accounts from my friends list. I seem to have been removed from other peoples' lists, as well--which makes sense. I suppose that, despite my best intentions, I no longer know some of them. Some I wish I could. If you see this and are willing to reconnect...please, let me know.

Likewise, if you have been removed from my friends list, but return to LJ, see this, and wish to reconnect... Leave a comment. Contact me. Something.
(I do reserve the right, of course, to make a decision based on how we last parted and what our lives are now...but I hope you try. I can't help how sentimental I am, sometimes. There are so many people I wish I still felt I knew.)

To anybody finding this journal for the first time...I have changed the status of the previous, non-identifying entries that I had left public years ago, as a child. I did not feel they reflected who I am, and I had concerns that some of them might not have been as innocuous as I thought, so many years ago. I don't know how you might find this, or why you would want to know me, but you can always leave a comment, and perhaps we'll talk.

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